Quicksand Battery Powered Solid State Amplifier

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Introducing Quicksand

Having established a benchmark of performance and affordability with the Quickie directly heated preamp, demand quickly arose for a matching power amplifier. Consequently, we set out to determine how to create an inexpensive power amplifier that would deliver the goods with a very low noise floor, adequate output power, upgrade potential, and compatibility with both speakers and headphones. With a $99 price point in our sights, we forced ourselves to look beyond vacuum state amplification, and determined that only a Class D amplifier could satisfy our needs… (See ‘more’)


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Just A Plain Old Quicksand, Quicksand plus Wood Base, Quicksand plus Quickie, Quicksand plus Quickie and PJCCS, Quicksand plus Quickie and 2 Wood Bases, Quicksand plus Quickie and PJCCS and 2 Wood Bases