The Whamodyne Files

Contained herein is virtually all of the information on the SuperWhamodyne! loudspeaker and it's variants that's been published over the past five years.
This is not intended to be a quick loading part of our website, as we are trying to give you the most detail possible. There are 8 html pages and 34 pages in pdf format. Most html pages contain fairly large images, and the pdf files are scans of all the original articles published in VALVE. You can access them from links in the text associated with a given design.
Please and thank you for not sending us suggestions of ways to make this load faster, or requests to receive hardcopy of any of the information contained herein, or critiques of the software necessary to read the information.
But please do send us your own experiences in working with any of these designs, as well as  photos of your projects. Our hope is to build a significant resource for future builders and current owners who may wish to try some new tweaks.

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