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Bottlehead DAC Battery Supply

We spent quite a bit of time experimenting with various power supply schemes during the five year development of the Bottlehead DAC. In the end we found that a robust battery supply was the most dynamic and quiet solution. And so we are happy to offer this battery supply designed specifically for the Bottlehead DAC, taking it to an even higher level of refinement.

Installation is simple. Just unplug the line lump supply from your DAC and plug it into the Bottlebatt. Then plug the umbilical cable coming out of the Bottlebatt into the power jack on your Bottlehead DAC.

There are three operating modes:

CHG ONLY – this cuts power to the DAC and lets the battery supply recharge itself at the full charge rate. The charge light will be lit in this mode when the battery is charging.

BAT CHG – this mode lets you play the DAC while the battery charges- useful when you are near the end of the battery charge but not at the end of your listening session. The charge light will be lit in this mode.

BAT ONLY – this is the most “pure” mode, the charging circuit is disabled and the DAC is supplied solely by the battery. You may find this mode ever so slightly more black between notes than the BAT CHG mode. In this mode the battery should last about 6-8 hours from a full charge.

Early on we had thought this supply might be offered as a kit. However we have found that the exclusive number DACs we produced makes it more cost effective to assemble these supplies for you in our lab.

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 8 in