Submissive Volume / Source Control Kit

This kit is now retired and is no longer available

Some feel a passive is the only way to go. So if we made a passive, what could we do to make our passive the most passive of all? Make it Submissive!

When we were developing the BeePre 300B preamp kit we built the prototype preamp circuit itself on a pair of chassis, and we built several outboard chassis platforms that allowed us to try various attenuator schemes – essentially a passive control connected closely to the 300B preamp circuit. We tried all sorts of schemes – inexpensive carbon potentiometers, our old standby Sweetest whispers attenuator, high end stepped attenuators from other manufacturers, transformer volume controls, ladders, shunts, series steps, etc., etc.

Our old faithful Sweetest Whispers series/shunt attenuator floated to the top of these various setups. But we felt the Whispers had room for improvement in two areas. One was that the steps were rather big. The other was that we had always used inexpensive switches to keep the price reasonable.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 6 in