Tode Guitar Amplifier Kit

This kit is now retired and is no longer available

Winner of a 2015 Brutus Award from Positive Feedback OnlineBottlehead_Tode200

The Tode’s a sweet amp…can go from clean to crunchy very nicely, and without a lot of complication. Great tone in a reasonably compact package, braddah! A pleasure to use…color me a big fan of Dan the Man’s Tode. If you love great guitar amps, and dig an audiophile approach to tubed amps, you’ll want to join me! -David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback Online

If you have been designing innovative tube amps for as long as we have it becomes inevitable that one of those designs must be a guitar amp. And it should be just as good as your other designs. Tode is a compact direct coupled all pentode combo amp kit that can also be used as a head, a practice amp, and a headphone amp. Not only an amp for practice and small venues, it is also being used in studios – check out the sweet, clean slide guitar intro on The Lower Caves’ Levon from their 2014 album Turquoise Blues, recorded with a mic’d Tode. Click the More tab below for the full specs and video demos showing Tode being played by everyone from wicked shredders to jazz virtuosos.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 8 in